Atlas Austria Express

Atlas Austria Express merges Gnawan trance music, deeply rooted in African Arab culture, with Western musical traditions such as Jazz, Reggae and Funk. The spread of Gnawan music beyond Morocco revolves around Abdeljalil Kodssi, an energetic ambassador of Gnawan tradition, who has successfully brought many genres of music together through collaboration with world-class class names such as Don Cherry and Jorge Pardo.

The patriarch of Atlas Austria Express, Kodssi inspires respect as a powerful leader and tender older brother. Although he has become a prominent figure, Kodssi remains a man of the street. Musician, barber, actor, economist, odd-jobber and medium, he is driven by a fraternal instinct to install life with meaning through music.

Atlas Austria Express includes young members of his clan, who are wide open to exploring intense collaboration in melding their traditional sounds with those of other cultures. Emil Gross and Takashi Peterson bring inspiration and fresh tastes to the group by adding their own spices. The result is a group with deep roots and broad horizons that captures the hearts of diverse audiences.

Emil Gross, talented young percussionist from Austria, turns his internal processes straight into tension-loaded, sensitive rhythmic spaces creating innovative sound spheres. He is at home in Funk, Rock, Reggae, Drum'n'Bass, Jazz, and Avant-garde. He also plays underground psychedelic Blues with Electric Blues Circus (EBC). Emil has toured with Atlas Austria Express since 2010, performing in festivals in Marrakech, Poland, Hungary, Austria and Slovenia.

Takashi Peterson, versatile guitarist born in Kyoto, Japan, began his intensive career as a musician in the United States, where he performed with Blues acts such as Buddy Guy, Johnny Lang, and Corey Harris. After moving to Europe, he accompanied the Soul legend Arthur Conley in The Netherlands and graduated from Swiss Jazz School. In 2005, his Jazz group Drop Four won the Jazz and Blues Award in Berlin, where he resides today. He performs worldwide with projects in Jazz, Funk, Flamenco, World Music, and theatrical performances, collaborating with well-known personalities such as Jorge Pardo, Adam Holzman, Maria Mezcle, Raquel Villegas, Helmut Eisel, Iman Das, Apratrim Majumdar, and Amit Chaterjee. Influences from around the globe add to his virtuoso improvisation on stage. Takashi joined Atlas Austria Express in 2011 at spontaneous sessions in Marrakech. Learn more about Takashi:

Abdeljalil Kodssi (Vocals)
Hafid Ikrou (Bouzouki)
Yassine Kodssi (Vocals, Gimbri)
Mounaime Kodssi (Vocals, Gimbri)
Emil Gross (Drums)
Takashi Peterson (Guitar)

Tour 2017

European Tour 2017

24.July – 24.August

Booking Contacts

Modern Arts Management
+43 660 49 51 108
Elias Gross

+386 41 593 221
Dragan Vukovic

+ 48 500 207789
Slavek Krol

+43 660 26 14 908
Emil Gross

+49 176 61102845
Takashi Peterson

+34 659 23 55 82
Abdeljalil Kodssi



  1. Ne Touche Pa Mon Enfant
  2. Aicha
  3. Bourdelbala
  4. Sandya


AAE @ Ozora Festival, Hungary

Reportage in Slovenia, 2012